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AEC Bridgemaster B3RA041, UCY 837. Body: Park Royal H41/31R
1203 in 2002
1203 Front
1203 arriving back in Swansea on 12th October 2002
Picture © Ray Evans
1203 soon after arrival at the museum on 26th February 2011

1203 Rear
1203 Engine
February 2011: View from rear showing platform collapse

Restored AEC AV690 11.3 litre engine

Seating and floor is in poor condition due to water ingress

Side view of AV690 Engine

Chassis Side Rebuild
July 2012: Chassis has been been welded, replated and is ready for painting August 2012: Side body frame has been removed ahead of replacement, with timber joists providing interim support.
Nov 2012 Nov 2012-2
November 2012: Seen from the nearside the Bridgemaster is already becoming recognisable as the bus it once was. The rear platform, which does not form part of the chassis, but hangs from the rear body has been reinstated, as has the rear destination box. The rear, which had previously been modified to accommodate an entrance door has now been reinstated to the original design and the offside frame is almost complete. The rear dome will soon be put back in place.

New front New nearside
November 2012 (continued). With the offside frame completed, work has commenced on the front, with new framework supporting the front dome. A wooden template is prepared for a new front wing. A new bonnet will also be made as the original did not come with the bus.
1203 Upstairs Aug 2013 1203 Stairs Aug 2013
August 2013: Old upstairs floor has been removed in preparation for laying of new surface Stairwell has been reconstructed with temporary plywood laid on the new supports.

1203 upstairs Nov13 Upstairs front
November 2013: The new upstairs floor base has been laid and the
front dome reinstated following repair. The panelwork is being
sprayed and wiring for the interior lights has been fitted.
The front destination box is being constructed, with the winding mechanism ready to be added. The exterior panelwork will soon be fitted to the bus.

1203 repanelling Upstairs floor
February 2014: The exterior panelling is being added from the top down. The nearside rear destination box has been reinstated. New power cabling is visible at offside base of front cowl Upstairs floor and scoops have been fitted. Interior panels have been newly painted in original navy blue colour.

downstairs Feb 14 New seat
February 2014 (continued): Transmission has been reconnected and the downstairs floor is being relaid.
Newly upholstered seat is ready for installing

1203 repaint1 1203 repaint 2
April 5th 2014: Roof area has received first coat of paint and windows are being reinstalled

May 10th 2014: With one week to go before the SWT Centenary celebrations, the remainder of the bus is being painted. The roof has already been completed and is masked off.


1203 repaint 3 1203 repaint 4
May 10th 2014: Being repainted - viewed from rear nearside

May 17th 2014: The day before the SWT Centenary celebrations sees the finsihed exterior being cleaned ready for the show. All windows have been installed and new tyres fitted.


1203 at centenary
May 18th 2014: 1203, complete with Peter Nedin at the wheel, is on show outside the museum during the South Wales Transport Centenary event. Further work, including completion of the interior, addition of destination blinds and replumbing of air system, is still needed to complete the restoration.


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